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December 23 2015


Justin Bieber vs. NHS Choir For Christmas No1 Position

Justin Bieber's 'Love Yourself' has overtaken the NHS Choir's 'A Bridge Over You' by over 3,000 sales, which makes it the favourite to be Christmas Number One.

Unlike most year's, the X Factor winning single is not a real contender for Christmas Number One. 

Instead, the fundamental chart battle is involving the NHS Choir’s ‘A Bridge Over You’ - a mash from Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ and Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ - and Justin Bieber’s latest ballad ‘Love Yourself’. 

The Choir, formed of staff at Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir, said they took inspiration in the 2009 campaign that shot Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing inside the Name Of’ to top.

Unlike 2009, the X Factor single has barely dented the charts, with Louisa Johnson’s winning single ‘Forever Young’ only reaching number nine yesterday, behind Stormzy’s single ‘Shut Up’.

According for the Official Chart Company’s most current update, the NHS Choir is before Bieber’s single but only by 2,000 sales.

Meanwhile, Stormzy’s single can be gaining traction, having been able to climb to number seven, backed by the big online campaign pushing #ShutUpForXMasNo1.

Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ is additionally in contention for number 1, currently sitting at number three inside charts. Other contenders include Adele’s comeback ‘Hello’, even though it is unlikely to post traction and overtake Bieber and the NHS Choir. 

Campaigner Joe Blunden explained how reaching number 1 would give NHS staff a “much needed moral boost”. He said the idea for just a Christmas Number One single occurred “to celebrate the a large number of NHS staff built the extra mile every day”.

“The NHS is under huge pressure, particular with winter here, therefore we wanted to make a move that could show how valued the NHS is, and exactly how loved employees are.”

So that will take the top spot? It is a tough battle to call, with Justin Bieber having just overtaken the NHS Choir around the iTunes charts. But physical copies of his single are limited, unlike the Choir's who will be stocked around the world.

At this stage, with only 2,000 sales totally, it can be too in close proximity to call.

2015’s Christmas Number One are going to be announced on Christmas Day. All proceeds on the NHS Choir single are going to be shared between charities Carers UK and Mind.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Fastest Film To Reach $300 Million in Sales

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is breaking every record it might at the box office immediately. The Hollywood Reporter writes how the film has taken in north of $300 million from the five days since its debut in North America. That's the fastest any movie has reached that milestone in cinema history, shattering the earlier eight-day record set by Jurassic World captured. Check sheet music page.

That isn't only record Episode VII broke within the last couple of days. Numbers entered this morning showing the film earned $40.2million on Monday, crushing the earlier record set by Spider-Man 2, which earned $27.7 million on its first Monday in theaters. And that's after making the most important global debut ever, earning $528 million over the weekend. At this point, there's really no stopping this juggernaut from hoovering up what's left in the world's money. More about the Force Awakens sheet music here.

Adele Speaks About Private Life

Adele is resolute to continue keeping her personal life private, insisting her family members are off limits in terms of her fame.

The Hello singer did her better to keep her son Angelo out of your spotlight since pregnancy in 2012, and he or she wants her boy to cultivate up with feeling of normalcy as neither he nor her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, have chosen to reside in their lives in public places.

"It's as normal an existence as I will surely have," she tells Time magazine of her role to be a mum. "I think people could be pretty surprised. When I'm not carrying out a photo shoot, it's only me, my boyfriend plus the baby. I think it is important (to not get consumed by fame) so that you will don't get f**ked up by everything. It's important which means you stay in touch with ourselves. If you lose touch on your own, no one's about to want to talk with you or hear anything you're f**king doing. They'll just point at you and laugh. At you, avoid you.

"I'm very self-conscious that I employ a kid, and I do not want him being one particular d**kheads, who gets older being, like, 'Driver, driver. I have no clean clothes! Well, maybe you've washed them?' I really would not like him maturing like that. I'm very mindful of it."

Hello sheet music singer has highlighted how her life has evolved since to become mother while promoting her new album, 25, but the girl with keen and keep specifics under wraps.

"My record is approximately my actual life, so I ought to talk about it," Hello sheet music singer continues. "If you attempt to intrude or come near our kids, I'm a lioness. Especially because my boyfriend isn't famous. So I think it is certainly unfair for everyone to want unlimited access to our family when discussing a brand. Some people do, so if you are happy to take action, then kudos - that's f**king great. But I will not want my family to become part of my package. If my kid decides that whenever he's the right age to make his or her own decision he wants to get known for being my kid, I'll be annoyed, but I won't stop him. I'll be like, 'It's your selection now.' But i thought this was my dream. This isn't theirs."
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This is Adele Hello video which broke several records including fastest single sale.

August 24 2015


Kanye West and Rihanna Join Forces

Kanye West headlined FYF Fest in Los Angeles yesterday (August 22), after a set that included an impromptu appearance by Rihanna.

As reported by Billboard, the singer was watching the show in the audience when West handed her the microphone in a performance with their hit 'FourFiveSeconds'. RiRi sang the track in the pit but later joined West onstage for the rendition of his 2010 single 'All Of The Lights'. Click below to view fan-recorded footage of both moments.

West only agreed to be announced because the festival's Saturday night headliner on Thursday evening after Frank Ocean got out of his performance. His set also included a guest appearance from rapper Travi$ Scott. 

West accepted the stage before a multi-bulb spotlight wall and began his performance using a subtle tribute to Frank Ocean using the track ‘No Church In The Wild.’ 

“We’ll play one song then one song only,” shouted a dynamic West when he began performing ‘Niggas In Paris,’ ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ after which ‘Cold.’ Check FourFiveSeconds sheet music.

West kept the force level at maximum from start to finish, rallying through brief excerpts and choruses from tracks like ‘I Don’t Like’ , ‘Mercy,’ Blessings,’ ‘New Slaves’ and ‘Blood On The Leaves.’ 

The other night was full of crowd-pleasing chart toppers. West left almost no time for any onstage banter or his trademark rants. “I need our family to help me out right about now. Hey, Travi$,” says West when he called over Scott to join activity is for his tracks ‘Upper Echelon’ and ‘Antidote.’

“I’ll should stop because I’ve been famous for doing this song for 40 minutes and since I have ten minutes left. But, I have 10 years of motherfucking hits available for you guys,” said West jokingly because he ended 'Runaway'

“We’re gonna do a hit one minute,” shouted West as being the countdown began cycling through a few of performers biggest hits. 

Immediately after jumping into ‘FourFiveSeconds,’ Rihanna emerged from the inside the audience to sing on the chorus with West. 

The reunion was brief though, as West returned to your song-a-minute countdown with ‘Touch The Sky,’ All Falls Down,’ ‘All Of The Lights’ (which has a final Rihanna guest appearance) and ‘Good Life.’ 

The show came to a close to with 'Only One,' a collaborative song with Paul McCartney, and this is tribute to West’s daughter. 

Prior to West's headline set, Bloc Party performed reside in what was just their second gig since eadlining Latitude Festival in 2013. 

“Good evening Fuck Yeah Fest, i'm michael duivis, Frank Ocean… haha not necessarily. My name is Kele Okereke," Bloc Party's frontman joked because band arrived on stage. The band immediately began with ‘Hunting For Witches’ before playing a greatest hits set, immediately transitioning directly into ‘Positive Tension’ and ‘Real Talk.’

“This next song is approximately public transport, a thing that we do not have much of recently if you know the language, Fuck Yeah Fest, sing it when camping,” said Okereke for the audience because he jumps into ‘Waiting For The 7:18.’

“That was nice. How are you guys doing? Are you excited for Yeezy? Ah, I guess I should alter the subject now, here’s something a little different,” says Okereke because he took a second to engage the listeners followed by tracks ‘One More Chance’, ‘Octopus’ and ‘Ratchet.’

“Oh my days, oh my gosh days. We’ve come towards the end of performance FYF. Can you accept is as true. There are plenty of great performances here. Thank you for developing, this is our final show as part of your country this coming year and we anticipate to see you pick up when we have our new album out.” The band ended their set with 'This Modern Love'. 

FYF Fest continues tonight (August 23) with Morrissey topping into your market.

The Weeknd Performs Various Popular Songs Live

Having released previews of the song from his forthcoming album 'Beauty Behind The Madness' on Friday (August 21), The Weeknd last week performed many of the tracks live during his headlining set on the first-ever Billboard Hot 100 Fest.

The singer unquestionably Lana Del Rey collaboration number 'Prisoner' at Jones Beach Theatre in New York, along with 'The Hills' and 'Earned It'. He also performed his version of Beyoncé's 2013 single 'Drunk In Love'. Scroll right down to watch fan-recorded footage via Stereogum.

'Beauty Behind The Madness' is otherwise engaged on August 28 and includes guest spots from Ed Sheeran and UK pop performer Labrinth. 'Tell Your Friends', meanwhile, was manufactured by Kanye West. Three singles through the record ('Often', 'The Hills' and 'Can’t Feel My Face') are actually certified platinum.

Last month (July 21), The Weeknd revealed new song 'Mood Music 2' during an intimate gig on Essex's Osea Island. His only UK show of 2015, the intimate and exclusive gathering is made up of 200 competition winners and around 200 industry, staff and media guests. Check Can't Feel My Face sheet music.

December 28 2014


5 Important guidelines When it Comes to Piano Lessons

piano keyboard
Here is something which I'm yes you already know, music is a tremendously important element of our lives. We pay attention to music for hundreds and sometimes even hundreds or even thousands of hours every year. It also does more then simply please our ears, music notes is a large part of the individual development. Any parent will tell you that children at just three or four will already be performing or humming some song that they have learned. Nonetheless, there is more then that.
piano keyboard
Over 10 years ago, there clearly was an experiment done at the University of California at Irvine that was done by experts. The experiment fundamentally consisted of students listening to Mozart, a relaxation tape, or simply silence. Immediately after these listening sessions, the  pupils took tests that involved putting together puzzles. The experiment discovered that the pupils that had simply listened to Mozart had a huge improvement compared to those that just listened to a relaxation tape or silence. The main reason this happened is because it is believed that the music and spatial abilities (the ability to do puzzles) share the exact same pathway in the brain.

Lots of people genuinely believe that it will improve your brain and thinking skills if you listen to more music. And based on this  research, it seems like that may be true. People also want to learn a instrument that is musical. One of the many popular instruments to discover may be the Piano. It has certainly one of the many sounds that are beautiful has been around for generations. So are you or your son or daughter reasoning of taking piano lessons? Well first check out these 5 tips in regards to piano lessons!

1: If you are likely to get child take piano lessons, ask yourself, is this something they really want to do? Is it your youngster's fantasy to learn the piano? Or is it more of the fantasy? If it's more of your dream, then you definitely should take piano lessons! It is never ever too late to take piano lessons. Also people which are resigned take piano lessons, and they become quite great at it! Then take those lessons if you have any dream at all of playing the piano! You won't regret it.

2: Which tool should you use for your piano lessons? This may sound like a question that is stupid needless to say you wish to use the piano for your piano lessons. But, what kind of piano? Or what about just an electronic keyboard? An electronic keyboard is much cheaper most likely.

It is probably well to begin with an electronic keyboard (unless of program you've got a piano) and see how you do. If time goes on and you prefer learning the piano for just personal satisfaction, then there is nothing wrong with sticking with the keyboard. Nevertheless, then you should probably consider switching over to an acoustic piano if you are becoming serious about your piano lessons. It is best to follow acoustic pianos as compared to the Spinet Piano. Maybe not sure which is which? Well, the Spinet Piano is the one with the lower back. It's better to purchase an upright piano to create the Baby Grand Piano. The reason why include the  fact that the action of this keys is better for the students hand, and it's also sounds a lot easier to the ear.

3: Don't be afraid to inquire of around about an instructor you are thinking about taking lessons from! In fact, it is encouraged by me! Try and learn about your teachers back ground. Where did the piano is learned by them? How long have they taught piano? Try to get in touch with current students of theirs? You will get plenty of information from them that may help you decide if this is the instructor for you.

4: Make yes to place a priority on your piano lessons schedule! By that, I don't mean to fill your schedule with piano lessons. What I mean is, it's not hard to get overwhelmed by things. Try to limit your other activities. This way when you take your piano lessons, you aren't exhausted from a day that is long. In addition are not rushing to leave the lessons to visit your next scheduled task. Slow down! Learning the piano is likely to be fun. It willn't be yet another  thing to squeeze into your schedule.

5: Finally, ensure you are dedicated to learning the piano! This doesn't mean filling up your schedule with piano lessons like i said in the previous tip. However, be sure to attempt to get a little bit of practice each day. One thing I love to do is simply take a nice bath that is hot sleep, then get away and have fun with the piano before setting up and drifting off to sleep. It is therefore relaxing, and there is it to actually help my abilities. Consider doing this!

I am hoping these guidelines have helped you and given you information that is helpful. Remember, in spite of how old or young you are, you CAN learn the piano. Have confidence in yourself. It can be learned by you, and you won't regret it.:)
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